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A Legacy of Craftsmanship

My Grandfather was a Master Craftsman with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. As a youngster I stayed on his heels and picked up any jewel of knowledge that I could grab up. Seeing my Grandfather excel at his craft fueled my dedication to craftsmanship. I eventually enrolled into Hampton University’s school of Architecture. After graduating from Hampton, my heart moved right back to carpentry and I love using my Grandfather's tools!

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"It's Your Move"

Black Enterprise magazine covered the early development of some of my chess sets.  I was honored to be featured in such a prominent business magazine.  This exposure was the breakthrough that exposed me to the world.

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As the CNN's "Maverick Of The Morning", I was first introduced on TV.  A back and forth dialogue ensued between the moderator and myself relating to past and future directions that Givan designs have and will venture.  This exposure served as a monumental push for business expansion.

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NYC Morning Newspaper

The AM New York newspaper serves as one of NYC largest circulated source of printed media. The article focused on the influence of the game of Chess and Hip-Hop culture.  Many saw for the first time my first of three Vertical Chess Set purchased by Jay-Z as a fixture in his 40/40 Club's Cigar Lounges.  It was in the NYC flagship 40/40 Club where I met Jay-Z's brother, who informed me of how Jay learned the game of chess from their father, just as I did from mine.

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Custom Chess Set

As a member of baseball's elite 40/40 Club (40 Home Runs & 40 Stolen Bases in the same season) it was only right for Barry Bonds to own a custom built vertical chess set for his newly built Beverly Hills Park mansion.  Barry being a lover of chess and sequential thinker, the larger than life six foot tall chess set fit snugly in the loaded game/leisure room. I worked in conjunction with the interior designers and architects to ensure a perfect fit into the room and the functional spaces.

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Morning Show

In Fox5-Good Day NY's search for prominent and trail-blazing artists, I was summoned into their Manhattan studios to display my newest edition of the Givan line of "table top" chess sets.  It was a blast chopping it up with Greg and Ro who rapidly shot from the hip as they segued from topic to topic.

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